Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Camp Back Yard!!!!!!

So this past weekend, we had the grands over,,,,,,,,,they wanted to "camp" in the new camper, and a dry run is ALWAYS a good idea,,,,,,,

what I learned is,,,,,,,,

contrary to what my husband thought,,,,,,,,,FOURTEEN FEET IS NOT LARGE ENOUGH WITH TWO CHILDREN!!!!!!

Yeah, and I was the one who wanted SMALLER. Allrightythen,,,,,,,,

I got some awesome pics of them playing monopoly,,,,,,,,,,at a REAL camp ground (Informed my grandson) there would be LOTS to do!LOL, but we enjoyed monopoly anyway!

without further ado,,,,,,,,,my gorgeous grand children,,,,,,,,,,,

(and for those who might wonder, that yellow thing in my grandson, Michael's, ear is the ear piece to  a hearing aid. He is profoundly deaf in one ear and the ear with a hearing aid has a "serious" hearing loss of about 80 db.)

Here Michael is taking his turn, and Angie is hoping he lands on her property.

 Agonizing over whether or not she should make a deal with Uncle Nick or not.

WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER! he landed on parking and won the pot in the middle!

The child should model,,,,,,,,,,she's known how to strike a pose since she was six months old.

showing how much they like camping in the camper.  And would probably like it even more with smores,,,,,,so they say.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of my babies,,,,,,,,they are my joy.


  1. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun! Your Grands are adorable....can I come play in the camper? I been in a trailer before, but never a camper :)

  2. What a beautiful family Holly! Those smiles would melt anyone's heart. I bet you all can't wait to do the real thing camping wise now either!

  3. Holly, they are so stinkin' cute!!! No wonder you love them to bits; who could resist those smiles?

  4. Absolutely beautiful grands Holly.....Michael is quite handsome, and I could smoosh Angie's little cheeks all day! ;)