Friday, April 13, 2012

Just a Card!

Oh boy, have I had a busy week! A couple weeks ago, DH and I bought a camper, the pop up kind. Used,,,,,,,,,and in fantastic shape. Of course, once you start PUPping, it's a disease,,,,,,,,ask anyone who does LOL. We HAD TO HAVE a larger tow vehicle. Yep, as soon as we bought it, we realized the minivan would have a tough time towing it with a full van of people and several hundred (if not a thousand) pounds of gear inside. Since DH needed a new car anyway, out we went to buy a pick up truck with an extended cab for him.

If I live to be 200, I will NEVER understand men! He did nothing but talk about, look at, google pick up trucks for a week!!!!!!

What did he buy?????????? A FORD EXPEDITION!

Maybe that's not so far off,,,,,it IS made on a Ford F150 (truck) frame. All I know is the man LOVES his new truck LOL, so I guess that's all that matters! We'll see how much he likes it as the gas prices increase LOL.

So, anyhow, I've been busy this week looking for and buying DH's new truck,,and buying things (mostly storage) for the camper,,,,,,,,,storage for dry foods, storage for clothing when we're camping and storage for a cooking kit (pots, pans, dishes, etc),,,,,,,,,,and storage for a home made first aid kit (I want to include items for the removal and treatment of jellyfish stings that do not come in most first aid kids, as we will be camping at the beach at least several times a season).

to say the least,,,,,,,,I've had little crafting time this week! But I did manage to throw together this card,,,,,,

From bottom to top, the nesties used to create this focal point are:

Labels 23 Grand
picot edge circles
Iron work motifs
Parisian motifs
Circles Large

The stamp in the center is Justrite, and I've fancied it up with a small bling flourish, some stick pins, and a bow made from navy blue sheer ribbon topped with white seam binding.

I hope you like the card, and thanks for looking! Tomorrow night, I am sleeping in the camper with my grand children for a  "Camp Backyard" experience! It should be fun for them,,,,,,and useful for us to provide practice on setting it up and breaking it down!

Have a lovely weekend! My Sugar Creek Hollow post will be tomorrow morning!


  1. Gorgeous, I LOVE the crisp white & navy blue! Have fun backyard camping, I bet they will love it!!

  2. what a lush bow, I bet the grandchildren will love backyard camping sounds like fun