Friday, September 30, 2011

Copic Correction!!!!!

I just thought I'd let all my readers know, that a week or so ago, I was recommending Otakufuel for your copic markers,,,,,,

in good conscience, I can no longer recommend them.

shortly after receiving my markers from Otakufuel, six of them went dry,,,,,,,this is highly unusual, and should not happen to a good quality marker like copic.

I contacted Otakufuel, and they did replace the markers for me,,,,,,,rather quickly at that,,and for that I am appreciative,,,,,,,however, another one from them has SINCE gone dry,,,,,,,it's simply too difficult to know which markers might be the problem before contacting them,,,,

I will now be buying my markers from Rusty at,,,,,,,,,,

he's quick and his markers are wonderful! If you create an account, you get the lowest possible price,,,,,,,,it's free to create an account!

Unfortunately, you pay shipping with Oozak unless you spend more than 50 bucks,,,,,

but it's money well spent when your markers arrive juicy and ready to use for months before needing refills.

Just my opinion,,,,,,,if you also have places to buy your copics at great prices, let me know and I'll publish them here on my blog!


I promise! We'll get back to other cards that aren't all copics soon! I am just having so much fun with my copics! I ordered 25 more this past week, and I am enjoying them sooooooooo much!!!!!!!

These ADORABLE images are FREEBIES from the very talented author of this blog

She's amazing, and her free digis are available to all card makers! I am really enjoying the free digi stamps that I'm finding on the internet,,,,,,

My two blue cards were done with Me and My Big Ideas baby boy stack,,,,,,,it's darling,,,,,,,and not over run with cars and trucks! simply beautiful paper that I've used for many other things BESIDES welcome baby cards.

My daughter's future sister in law is quite sick in the hospital,,,,,,,,so we've done this little blue card with a mouse hanging off the stars,,,,,,I've done the HANG IN THERE,,,FEEL BETTER sentiment on the computer,,,,,,,,,,,and then cut it with my Happy Everything Kit,,,,the bow is hand dyed seam binding and of course,,,,colored with my copics. He's cut out with the Lacey Ovals nesties,,,,,,,,and he's SO DARNED CUTE!

Then I've done a WELCOME BABY card for a baby boy for my stash,,,,,,,,isn't he cute?? I don't think the image was MEANT for a welcome baby image, but he's so cute and so versitile, I used him that way. He's done with copics and cut out with the postage stamp nesties!

My last card, the pink and green hamster with the cupcakes is also another image from that site,,,,,,,,,,and boy is he cute! I've done him for a birthday card for my stash,,,,,,,,and the sentiment is done with my Happy Everything tag kit. The paper on this one is the absolutely GORGEOUS DCWV French Country paper,,,,,,,I'm still drooling over it, and have used it probably too much LOL. lacey ovals here again (I really love those!)

Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good Afternoon, Everyone!!!!! I have two cards to share today,,,,,,,,yes, using more of my WONDERFUL copics! (and I got more today too!)

Many of you may not know that I have a Deaf grandson,,,,,,,he's been deaf since he was about a year old,,,,,

He gets a lot of help from a very powerful hearing aid in one ear (the other is just too far gone to help with a hearing aid),,,,,,,,,but he still has difficulty discriminating sounds that are similar,,,,,,,D and B for example.

So of course, learning to read is very difficult when you can not hear the SOUNDS that the letters make,,,,,,,

So, his teachers and his mother do anything they can to get him to read ANYTHING at all! Practice, practice, PRACTICE!

I came across some wonderful coloring pages on the web by the very talented children's book illustrator, Elizabeth O Dulemba. She very graciously allows card makers to use her images for PERSONAL USE ONLY (do NOT sell the images or cards made with the images) provided that credit is given and a link to her site is included with any web postings. Very generous! Thank you so much, Elizabeth! They are wonderfully, whimsical images that are perfect for making cards for the children in your life.

You can find her coloring pages at WWW.Dulemba.Com. Spread the word so that more people will know about Elizabeth's beautiful books! A book is one of the best gifts we can give ANY child!!!!!

So, anywho, I came across these beautiful images and knew immediately that I would make two cards,,,,,,one for each of my grandchildren,,,,,,,and include money or a gift card to a book store so that they could buy a book.

Michael and Angeliegh, I hope you enjoy your books,,,,,,,Grandma loves you!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OK, so I couldn't resist!!!!

I couldn't resist another post,,,,,,

I have here two cards made with the same Crafty Secrets stamp (I love love LOVE CS stamps!!!)

Mostly colored with Bic Markit's, but I did the skin tones with copics,,,,,,really, no one does skin tones like copics,,,,,

Bics are good pens,,,,what they LACK that copics do not lack is,,,,,

1.a large array of colors so that you can have several shades of the same color to blend with
2.that WONDERFUL brush nib
3.enough really LIGHT colors to use as a base for blending.

But if you really can not afford many copics, I suggest you buy a pack of 36 bics for 20 bucks at Staples,,,,,,

and then invest a few dollars in Copic Ciaos in 2-3 skin tones for blending,,,,,,R20 for blush,,,,,and a few really LIGHT shades of blue,,,,,green,,,,,,,yellow,,,,,,,whatever colors you use most,,,,,,,and a colorless blending pen,,,,,,

your copics WILL blend with bic Markit's,,,,,,they are all alcohol pens,,,,you can pick up the darker color bics on the lighter color copics and blend away,,,,,,

Then you can buy just a few copics as you can afford them,,,,,,it's a great money saver until yu can afford more! has a great selection and sells the ciaos at 3.59 for each pen,,,,,,,and you only need to buy THREE to get free shipping,,,,,,a bargain, compared to some stores that might sell them for a few cents less,,,,,but you have to pay 8 bucks for shipping unless you are willing to spend 50 bucks or more,,,,,,,

I plan on ordering just 3 pens at a time after the holidays,,,,,just a little more than 10 bucks and I get free shipping :)

Now back to my cards,,,,,,,,as I said, the only copics here are the skin tones on santa and the doll,,,,,,the rest are bics,,,,

I used K and company paper and Bobunny Father Chrsitmas (which is AMAZING paper!) and colored both the santas the same,,,,,,

the triple loop bows were made on my own bow maker,,,,,,,,,and the red and white bow has a white single loop slipped through the knot,,,,,I love that effect!

Hope you enjoyed the cards and thanks for looking!

Copic Card

Soooooo I thought I'd share my first copic card today! I am having fun, even with my limited colors right now! I have 12 right now,,,,and am waiting on the mail man for another 10 soon,,,,,and will order a good 20 this week, I think.

Tonight is my LAST night at work! I finally QUIT. I have HAD IT. We'll see how the next month or two goes, but I'd LOVE to work at Michaels or Joann's! I am blessed that DH makes enough that all I really need to cover is my scrappy expenses and other hobbies and vices LOL. And I like to have a few dollars to donate to the household,,,,,,,,even if it's just groceries,,,,,or buying holiday gifts. But I couldn't take it any more, it's been 6 years of too much trouble for not enough money LOL.

so I am receiving my vacation pay in my last paycheck, and will finish up whatever colors of copics I think I really need this next week.

BUT even with limited colors, I've been having tons of fun! They are SO EASY to blend,,,,,it takes practice, but getting them to actually BLEND is pretty easy compared to colored pencils or water colors,,,,,,,,

the pumpkin stamp is a free digi stamp I picked up on the internet,,,,,,I used my Justrite Nested sentiments for the sentiment and my Justrite Happy Everything kit for the tag it's on,,,,,,,love those! I use them on SO MANY cards! Definitely worth the 26 bucks for the kit! It comes with 18 mini sentiments (and they are NOT tiny), 4 dies for cutting various sized tags,,,,,,and a mini stamper,,,,,,love love LOVE it!

The ribbon is hand dyed seam binding, which I am starting to use a lot and REALLY love,,,,,,and I cut the leaves on my cricut using my gypsy and the Gypsy Wandering cartridge,,,,I hid the inside cuts with my Gypsy.

Have a wonderful week, and thank you for looking!!!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finally back!

I am so sorry for such a long absence,,,,,I didn't feel much like posting after my friend died,,,,and then my mother was here for a full week,,,,,,,

so I didn't get much card making done :)

But, I finally have a couple cards to share with you,,,,

I used the same stamp on both cards, and yet I got completely different looks. I love when that happens,,,,,,and Justrite stamps are SO versitile! On both cards, I used Justrite's Backyard Bird stamp set,,,,,and they are LARGE,,,3 1/4 inches with the sentiment,,,,,,I removed the sentiment for the rust colored card,,,,,I love that the border sentiments are removable and interchangeable within the same size on Justrite's stamps,,,,,,you can change them around or remove them all together!

I have been really torn lately about getting copic markers,,,,,I really love the look, especially on Justrite's stamps, but they are SO pricey! I've colored these stamps with el-cheapo Bic Markits,,,,,,and although I am pleased with them (all things considered),,,,,I know they'd look so much better with some copics,,,,,

sooooooooooo,,,,,,,I am ordering my first bunch of 12 today,,,,,another 12 next week,,,,,,,,and the following week,,and you get the idea. I can't imagine wanting hundreds,,,,,,really,,,,,,but you know what they say about copics! LOL,,,,,,,we'll see!~

The seam binding is hand died with glimmer mist,,,,,,,and I've used spellbinders eyelet circles on the pink card,,,,,,,and Rennaisance Hearts on the Rust card,,,,

I'm seriously in LOVE with coloring my own seam binding!!!!!! I did on both cards, and I got a totally different look by varying the colors,,,,,

On the rust card, I've used JustRite's Happy Everything tag kit for the sentiment! Now it's all ready for my Mother-in-law who recently had some exciting news, so into a clear box it goes and off to her in the mail.

thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed!!!!