Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Butterfly Bow Tutorial!

Good Afternoon,,,,,,,,,

This is my SECOND bow tutorial,,,,,,,,,scroll down to start from the beginning with a basic bow. It's really necessary to understand the basic bow on the bow maker, before attempting this more complicated (but still easy) bow! There are two ways to do this bow, and I am going to show you the easiest way today. I'm not fond of the other way, I wind up with twisted loops. I don't like twisted loops LOL.

For this bow, you'll need a longer ribbon,,,,,,,,the length depends on how many loops on each side you wish to make. Generally, I make 3 or 4, which I think makes a nice fluffy bow. I recommend about 2 feet of ribbon. You'll want skinnier ribbon too,,,,,,I like 1/2 inch ribbon,,,,,,,but the skinner the ribbon, the more loops you can make!

place the ribbon across the bow maker, tails to the back,,,,,,,,,with more on the right than the left (If you are right handed).

taking the right tail (the one that is longer) wrap it around both dowels as many times as you want loops,,,,,,make sure you have the same number on both sides! And make sure both tails wind up in the back again.

Right tail over left tail again,,,,,,,,,,boy this looks familiar!

Again, the bottom tail goes up, the top tail goes down so they are twisted in the back.

Bring the top over the front of the bow again (for really skinny ribbon like this, I generally don't fold it,,,,,but you can, if you want to fuss with it!) and tuck it underneath the bow and under the other tail in the back.

Top over bottom again,,,,,,,,,,,see that loop? take the top tail and tuck it under and out the loop to make a knot.

Pull tight! All your loops will squash together. That's ok! Pull the bow off the pegs and fluff it,,,,,,,,separate the loops, shake it, etc.

You're finished!! (if you look closely, I GOOFED! I have 4 loops on one side and 5 on the other LOL! Life happens!)

I really hope you liked the bows!!!! You can make them, they are SIMPLEEEEEEEEEEEE and fun!

I will try to get a few more tuts for bows up in the next few weeks, but I have a busy June,,,,,,,most of them fan off these bows, so practice these and you can probably figure out some new ones on your own! Be sure to share! I'm always looking for fun new bows!


  1. Just fabby Holly, when I saw the title of your post and knowing just what beautiful bows you always have on your cards I just had to pop over and take a look. I think I might just have to get myself one of these bow makers. xx

  2. Good gravy, this is fabulous! TOTALLY pinned so I can use this later! Your bows are always gorgeous! :)

  3. You can make the bow maker easy..Get the piece of wood block from hobby store and drill holes in it for the width you want your bow loops.Can drill more than one set for different sizes. insert dowel rods. Made mine for $2.00.