Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well, it's Father's Day over at SUGAR CREEK HOLLOW!!! This week we want to see your father's day cards and crafts!!! Please remember that they must follow the SCH guidelines of "vintage, shabby chic, or primitive".

I'm going to try and keep a long story on the short side here, LOL,,but it's hard for me to show this card without telling the story,,,,,

I lost my father nearly 20 years ago. I loved him more than he could possibly imagine. He was an amazing father,,,,,,

mostly because he WASN'T my father,,,,,,,at least not my biological father. He was my step-father and he married my mother when I was 5 years old. You'd never know it,,unless you KNEW it. From the first day he married my mother, he was DAD. And that was that,,,,,,,,,My mother and he later had 2 more children,,,,,,but my sister and I were always every bit as much his as they were.

He wasn't perfect,,,,,,,,,but even in his imperfections,,,,he was amazing. He had a drinking problem,,,,,,for years. He was never mean, or nasty,,,,,,,,,,but he ruined many family holidays falling asleep over the thanksgiving turkey.

When I was about 15, he went and got sober,,,,,,,,and although I know it was a great effort for him, he never drank again. Someone who realizes what's wrong about himself and goes and CHANGES it is someone I can love and respect.

And so Dad,,,,,,,I love you and miss you so much.

And every year when I make a Father's Day card for my husband,,,,,,,,,I wish I could make him one.

So this year, I just gave into the temptation, and made my father a Father's Day card,,,,,,,,

It's simple,,,,,,like he was. He was a man of few words, but much love.

So without further ado,,,,,,,,,my card for my Daddy.

And the inside that says all I wanted to say,,,,,,,,,,,or wished I could say,,,,,,,,,

Happy Father's Day, Daddy,,,,,,,,,you were an amazing father and an amazing human being.

Thank you all for looking, and  I hope you liked the card,,,,,,,,,so run right over to SCH and upload YOUR Father's Day project or card!!!!!


  1. What a great and touching story Holly! He sounds amazing....great card too :)

  2. I so enjoyed your story about your dad Holly!! What a true blessing!! I love your card, the image is just darling! Hugs!!

  3. what a lovely story to go with your perfect card
    have a great weekend

  4. Oh Holly, as much as I love your card, I loved the story behind it even more. It shows how strong his love for his family was to make such a change which I know is not ever easy. My husband's cousin made that commitment to change and now has a lovely family with two children, a home and good job. It takes an exceptional, wonderful person to do that and I am sure your Dad knew even without words how much you loved him.
    Thanks for making my day, hugs....