Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For a Dear Woman,,,,,,,,

It's no secret that I love my Mother-In-Law,,,,,,,and as the years go by, and I hear CRAZY stories of other Mothers-In-Law, I love her more LOL.

She's not perfect,,,,,,,and neither am I,,,,,,but at least she's NORMAL LOL,,and she's always been sweet and warm to me.

Here birthday is coming up next week, and so, of COURSE, I had to make a birthday card,,,,,,I didn't want it to be the traditional cake and candles,,,,,I wanted something lacy and pretty and feminine.

I settled on these papers, which are mostly Prima,,,,,I do see a scrap or two of Webster's,,,,,,but it's mostly Prima Madeline.

I used a ton of spellbinders on this, because I just love how they layer,,,,,,,the lacier edged, the BETTER!

starting from the bottom, I used the largest Eyelet Circles, Holly Motifs that I cut the Holly off of, floral doily motifs, more floral doily motifs, and finally lacy ovals.

I made a flower out of Floral lacy motifs by cutting two, shaping them slightly with a stylus and popdotting one on top of the other and then adding a fancy button. I affixed that to the bow of brown satin,,,,some lace, a couple stick pins and it's done, easy peasy and very simple.

Here's a close up of the focal point layers,,,,,,

I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for looking!!!!!

And I hope you have half as sweet a Mother-In-Law as I do!!!!!!!!


  1. This is beyond gorgeous. My birthday is in JULY!!! LOL!

  2. My MIL is amazing! So glad to find someone else who loves theirs, too! :) This is amazing, too--LOVE your bows, Holly! Mine NEVER look that good, lol!