Friday, February 17, 2012

See Spot Run!

I'm probably going to date myself here,,,,,,,,but I learned to read with Dick and Jane, Sally and Mother and Father,,,,,,,and of course, Spot and Puff,,,,,the family pets. The Dick and Jane readers were some of the most popular, and generations of children from the 1930's through the 1970's learned to read with these beloved characters. I was on the tail end of those children who to this day remember the characters with great fondness.

So when Pamela over at (button to the right) posted this beloved image of Sally and Puff (the kitten who never seemed to grow up!), I KNEW I had to make a card with it.

I purposely left the card relatively simple,,,,,Life WAS so much simpler in those days! I'm not saying they were all good days,,,,,,,,far from it,,,,,,,,African Americans didn't even APPEAR in the Dick and Jane books on that whitest of white streets "Pleasant St" until nearly the end of their publishing in 1965,,,,,the year I was born.

Those days were decidedly NOT all good,,,,,,,,,but I do have fond memories of the milk man delivering milk straight into the metal "milk box" on the front stoop,,,,,,,penny candy that was a penny,,,,,,,and phones with no call waiting. If you left your phone off the hook, your grandmother would call your neighbors and they'd run over and tell you to hang it up and call Grandma. If you weren't home,,,they'd let themselves in and hang it up for you,,,,,,and they wouldn't case the joint while they were there. It was a time when children played with friends, learned by making believe, and Mother counted heads every couple hours and passed out popsicles in the summer to any child playing in her yard. Til the day my mother moved out of her house in 2002, we never owned a key for the front door.

Now I feel old LOL,,,,,,but I did enjoy the trip down memory lane. Now back to the card LOL. I made it larger than I normally do (5x7) so that I could print the image quite large,,,,,,,The paper is all Cosmo Cricket "Girl Friday", and I chose it because of the pink and blue "primary" spaced paper in the pack,,,,,,,that and the letters just seemed to go with the theme of Dick and Jane and learning to read.

a ribbon, some lace, a blue bow and a rolled flower made from that same pink paper, and she's done,,,,,,very simple,,,,,,,,,,like the feelings I was trying to evoke. And that's the sentiment I used

"Remember when everything was simpler?"

See Sally Play!
Run, Puff, Run!

Here's the inside,,,,,,,,,,

Where you can see silly Puff trying to ride Mother's Vacuum while Sally plays with her play one.

and the inside sentiment:

"some things still are. I love you."

I think I'll give it to my mother. Another Dick and Jane reader from 20 years before me.

I've so enjoyed my walk down memory lane today, that it led me to try and find more images, some of which I have printed out and plan to make some tags with,,,,,,,,

I hope to have some of those Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you also enjoy a trip down memory lane,,,,,,,,no matter what your memories are! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Holly - this is adorable! Cosmo Cricket is a perfect match for this image! I love the "trip down memory lane..." so wonderful! xo

    -pamela :)

    {i posted your card on Pinterest}

  2. TOO CUTE, Holly! :) LOVE these images! :)

  3. Oh wow this is really adorable!! Love the image!!