Saturday, July 23, 2011

Windows to the World,,,,,,

I have a couple cards to share today,,,,,,,I've been having SO much fun with my new nesties that my friend Tiffany was kind enough to pick up on clearance in CA and ship to me,,,,,, THANKS TIFF!

One of the sets she picked up for me was classic ovals, a shape I've been resisting because the shape is so simple that my cricut could cut it,,,,,Now I love my cricut,,,,,,but nesties are just phenomenal,,,,,,it's not a one or the other proposition, IMHO,,,,,,,,both do different things and I love them both! Nesties can do things that cricuts can not,,,,,,and one of them is illustrated here,,,,

making simple window cards is MUCH easier with nesties than it is even with the Gypsy,,,,,

So today, I have two window cards to share,,,,,,my first,,,,,,and I have to say,,,,,I love them! I'm going to be doing plenty more as the holidays approach!

Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for looking!!!!!