Friday, September 30, 2011

Copic Correction!!!!!

I just thought I'd let all my readers know, that a week or so ago, I was recommending Otakufuel for your copic markers,,,,,,

in good conscience, I can no longer recommend them.

shortly after receiving my markers from Otakufuel, six of them went dry,,,,,,,this is highly unusual, and should not happen to a good quality marker like copic.

I contacted Otakufuel, and they did replace the markers for me,,,,,,,rather quickly at that,,and for that I am appreciative,,,,,,,however, another one from them has SINCE gone dry,,,,,,,it's simply too difficult to know which markers might be the problem before contacting them,,,,

I will now be buying my markers from Rusty at,,,,,,,,,,

he's quick and his markers are wonderful! If you create an account, you get the lowest possible price,,,,,,,,it's free to create an account!

Unfortunately, you pay shipping with Oozak unless you spend more than 50 bucks,,,,,

but it's money well spent when your markers arrive juicy and ready to use for months before needing refills.

Just my opinion,,,,,,,if you also have places to buy your copics at great prices, let me know and I'll publish them here on my blog!

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