Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good Afternoon, Everyone!!!!! I have two cards to share today,,,,,,,,yes, using more of my WONDERFUL copics! (and I got more today too!)

Many of you may not know that I have a Deaf grandson,,,,,,,he's been deaf since he was about a year old,,,,,

He gets a lot of help from a very powerful hearing aid in one ear (the other is just too far gone to help with a hearing aid),,,,,,,,,but he still has difficulty discriminating sounds that are similar,,,,,,,D and B for example.

So of course, learning to read is very difficult when you can not hear the SOUNDS that the letters make,,,,,,,

So, his teachers and his mother do anything they can to get him to read ANYTHING at all! Practice, practice, PRACTICE!

I came across some wonderful coloring pages on the web by the very talented children's book illustrator, Elizabeth O Dulemba. She very graciously allows card makers to use her images for PERSONAL USE ONLY (do NOT sell the images or cards made with the images) provided that credit is given and a link to her site is included with any web postings. Very generous! Thank you so much, Elizabeth! They are wonderfully, whimsical images that are perfect for making cards for the children in your life.

You can find her coloring pages at WWW.Dulemba.Com. Spread the word so that more people will know about Elizabeth's beautiful books! A book is one of the best gifts we can give ANY child!!!!!

So, anywho, I came across these beautiful images and knew immediately that I would make two cards,,,,,,one for each of my grandchildren,,,,,,,and include money or a gift card to a book store so that they could buy a book.

Michael and Angeliegh, I hope you enjoy your books,,,,,,,Grandma loves you!!!!!!!

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  1. Holly I love that fairy stamp which one is it.