Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OK, so I couldn't resist!!!!

I couldn't resist another post,,,,,,

I have here two cards made with the same Crafty Secrets stamp (I love love LOVE CS stamps!!!)

Mostly colored with Bic Markit's, but I did the skin tones with copics,,,,,,really, no one does skin tones like copics,,,,,

Bics are good pens,,,,what they LACK that copics do not lack is,,,,,

1.a large array of colors so that you can have several shades of the same color to blend with
2.that WONDERFUL brush nib
3.enough really LIGHT colors to use as a base for blending.

But if you really can not afford many copics, I suggest you buy a pack of 36 bics for 20 bucks at Staples,,,,,,

and then invest a few dollars in Copic Ciaos in 2-3 skin tones for blending,,,,,,R20 for blush,,,,,and a few really LIGHT shades of blue,,,,,green,,,,,,,yellow,,,,,,,whatever colors you use most,,,,,,,and a colorless blending pen,,,,,,

your copics WILL blend with bic Markit's,,,,,,they are all alcohol pens,,,,you can pick up the darker color bics on the lighter color copics and blend away,,,,,,

Then you can buy just a few copics as you can afford them,,,,,,it's a great money saver until yu can afford more!

WWW.Otakufuel.com has a great selection and sells the ciaos at 3.59 for each pen,,,,,,,and you only need to buy THREE to get free shipping,,,,,,a bargain, compared to some stores that might sell them for a few cents less,,,,,but you have to pay 8 bucks for shipping unless you are willing to spend 50 bucks or more,,,,,,,

I plan on ordering just 3 pens at a time after the holidays,,,,,just a little more than 10 bucks and I get free shipping :)

Now back to my cards,,,,,,,,as I said, the only copics here are the skin tones on santa and the doll,,,,,,the rest are bics,,,,

I used K and company paper and Bobunny Father Chrsitmas (which is AMAZING paper!) and colored both the santas the same,,,,,,

the triple loop bows were made on my own bow maker,,,,,,,,,and the red and white bow has a white single loop slipped through the knot,,,,,I love that effect!

Hope you enjoyed the cards and thanks for looking!

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