Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finally back!

I am so sorry for such a long absence,,,,,I didn't feel much like posting after my friend died,,,,and then my mother was here for a full week,,,,,,,

so I didn't get much card making done :)

But, I finally have a couple cards to share with you,,,,

I used the same stamp on both cards, and yet I got completely different looks. I love when that happens,,,,,,and Justrite stamps are SO versitile! On both cards, I used Justrite's Backyard Bird stamp set,,,,,and they are LARGE,,,3 1/4 inches with the sentiment,,,,,,I removed the sentiment for the rust colored card,,,,,I love that the border sentiments are removable and interchangeable within the same size on Justrite's stamps,,,,,,you can change them around or remove them all together!

I have been really torn lately about getting copic markers,,,,,I really love the look, especially on Justrite's stamps, but they are SO pricey! I've colored these stamps with el-cheapo Bic Markits,,,,,,and although I am pleased with them (all things considered),,,,,I know they'd look so much better with some copics,,,,,

sooooooooooo,,,,,,,I am ordering my first bunch of 12 today,,,,,another 12 next week,,,,,,,,and the following week,,and you get the idea. I can't imagine wanting hundreds,,,,,,really,,,,,,but you know what they say about copics! LOL,,,,,,,we'll see!~

The seam binding is hand died with glimmer mist,,,,,,,and I've used spellbinders eyelet circles on the pink card,,,,,,,and Rennaisance Hearts on the Rust card,,,,

I'm seriously in LOVE with coloring my own seam binding!!!!!! I did on both cards, and I got a totally different look by varying the colors,,,,,

On the rust card, I've used JustRite's Happy Everything tag kit for the sentiment! Now it's all ready for my Mother-in-law who recently had some exciting news, so into a clear box it goes and off to her in the mail.

thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed!!!!

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