Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BLOG CANDY!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! No card right now (I've been finishing a paid order, so haven't had much time),,,,,,,BUT I do have some blog candy for you! It's just a little give away, nothing huge,,,,,,,,but I'm hoping someone will love it!

I've been wanting to do a give away since I started my blog,,,,,,but with working nights and then being out of work, so everyone else using MY car,,,,,,I haven't had a for sure day that I could get to the post office and mail :)

Now that I DO, however, my give away is pretty simple!

Four colors of hand dyed seam binding,,,,,2 yards of each color (that's 24 feet of dyed seam binding FREE!),,,,,,,,,and possibly more than 2 yards :) Depends on how much I have :)

The colors are a gorgeous medium blue,,,,,,,,,a medium pink, truly lovely, a peach/peachy pink, and a light orange,,,,,,,,,some of my favorite colors that I tend to use over and over again!

The seam binding is hot water bath dyed in RIT dye, so it's not crunchy like it can get when dyed with paint products or glimmer sprays,,,,,,,it's soft and makes the lovliest bows!

So, to win, all you have to do is

1) become a follower if you aren't already (if you are, skip to step 2)

2) leave a comment on THIS POST. Any comment will do,,,,,just say "HI!"

3) be sure to include your email in your post so that I can notify you that you won.

A winner will be picked Friday morning, so you have until Thursday night to leave a comment!

That's IT!

If the winner doesn't claim their prize in 5 days, I'll pick another winner!

I hope you enjoy the blog candy and thanks for reading! I'll be back later with some cards!


  1. soooo pretty! love that orangey one!

    my email is pjmone_ptown@yahoo.com

    thanks for offering blog candy!

  2. Hi Love bug! You're my official 'first' blog that I follow! Love all your stuff, thanks for the chance to win! -Teresa


  3. Hey- BEAUTIFUL colors! Where do you get seam binding? I don't need to win it because I have SCADS of ribbon to use up. Just wanted to leave some bloggy love. :)