Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I wanted to share with you all a bit about my copic nightmare. I don't normally complain about products or companies,,,,,,,

but what I have been through recently with OTAKUFUEL (the people I bought some of my copics from) is just unbelievable,,,,,,,

and apparently, I am not the only one.

I purchased 21 copic ciao markers from Otakufuel several weeks ago,,,,,,,,in two batches.

Many of them are fine,,,,,,,,,but quite a few dried up within days,,,,,,,

Initially, the company was helpful,,,,,,,,,,,,Copic had advised me that this was NOT normal, and so I emailed Otakufuel for a replacement.

As I waited for their email, several more became dry,,,,,,,,,

It started with one,,,,,then went to two and three,,,,,,,,,,,,,and finally, it was six.

Otakufuel did replace those six markers,,,,,,,,

and then three of those went dry,,,,,,,,,,

Think about it,,,,,I used up TWO C1 gray markers within a week! Something is not right,,,,,,,ESPECIALLY since I rarely USED the gray. I think I colored 3 gray mice, roughly 3 inches each. AT MOST.

I contacted Otakufuel AGAIN.

They proceeded to tell me that either I was using the markers incorrectly,,,,,,,,


I was scamming the company.

Wait a minute here,,,,,,,,,,COPIC is the one that told me those markers should NOT have gone dry so soon,,,,,,,,I'd never have written to Otakufuel again if Copic had even SUGGESTED I might be doing something wrong!

They then informed me that I would be "flagged" as a trouble maker! And that COPIC would flag me as a trouble maker!

AND that they had CC'd Copic the email.

Which,,,,,,,,,,,they HAD.

And I sat there in absolute SHOCK that ANY customer service would STATE point blank to a customer that they were scamming a company,,,,,,,,AND that Copic would sit there BLITHELY and read such garbage and say NOTHING except what a reputable company Otakufuel was.

I've worked customer service. I'd NEVER have accused a client of A SCAM without any proof ESPECIALLY when there was a CHANCE it was something else,,,,,,,,,had I been using the markers wrong or with the wrong paper? Possibly,,,,,,,,,,but one would think that would be what the email contained,,,,,,,NOT an accusation of a scam! AND Copic themselves had told me the markers SHOULD NOT h ave gone dry that quickly!

It gets worse.

When I started a thread on scrapbook.com about the markers,,,,,,,,,,asking if they SHOULD go dry that fast,,,,,,,,,the answers I got were over and over again that they should last MONTHS.

Another sb.com resident stated she had bought markers from Otakufuel and she didn't want to risk it,,,,,,,,,,,,,as it was an unopened set, she was sending them back,,,,,,,

and Otakufuel named me BY NAME to another customer and told her that I was using the markers INCORRECTLY,,,,,,,,,

by name.

This level of unprofessionalism is simply beyond my understanding.

And it's simply not worth it. I've spend HUNDREDS on Copics,,,,,,,,,yet they assumed I was trying to scam them for less than 75 dollars.

I've had a few copics in the past that have NEVER been a problem,,,,,the majority of them STILL WORK FINE over a year later,,,,

it's not that I'm against the possibility that I am doing something wrong,,,,,or using paper I wasn't a year ago,,,,,,it's possible. I'll be changing my paper now.

But Good Golly Miss Molly,,,,,,,,,to be "flagged" and marked as a trouble maker when I emailed copic TO BEGIN WITH to find out THEIR ideas and they STATED the markers SHOULD NOT DRY OUT that quickly,,,,,,,,,,

and then to be held up as some sort of EXAMPLE to other customers?

I find it highly unprofessional,,,,,,,,,,,

and I will not be shopping at Otakufuel again.

And I'm not all that happy with Copic either,,,,,,,,,

however, I love my copic markers and I will continue to purchase them through either scrapbook.com,,,,,,,,,,

or through Rusty at Oozak.com.

you decide. Professional,,,,,,,,,,,,or grossly unprofessional?


  1. they were beyond unprofessional to me, I can't believe that they did that. I would dispute it with your cc, even if you loose it they are still out the dispute fee.

  2. I can't believe you have had to go through all of this! Keep on Holly don't let them get the best of you. You are a sweet lady and would never scam anyone!!! This is so stupid the company is terrible.

  3. Sorry you had to go through this. I purchase mine from Carpe Diem and have never had a problem. Quick shipping and the markers are always in great shape. I use all sorts of paper and even the colors I use CONSTANTLY (like skin colors) on very absorbent papers last me months. Good luck with your future purchases.