Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pink and Peach.

Good Evening,,,,,,,It's summer time in Florida,,,,,,,,and along with temps in the 90's and humidity rates to match, summer comes with thunder storms. And with thunder storms come power losses,,,,,,,

so I spent yesterday in a dark house, my husband was working,,,,,,,,no television,,,,no phone, no radio,,,,,making cards by candle light LOL. Thank GOODNESS for manual die cutting machines!!!!

It turned into a pretty pleasant evening,,,,,and I really enjoyed it. Who knows? I might turn all the lights off and make cards by candle light again some time LOL.

So Here's what I made :)

I wanted to be simple (candles don't give off much light, afterall LOL), yet do something different than my normal,,,,,,believe it or not, all four cards were made with one piece of paper,,,,,One side was a collage of different papers, and the other side had this gorgeous peach pattern on it,,,,,,

I made the roses using the Spellbinders spiral blossoms 1 by cutting out (of all things) coffee filters. I found that coffee filters both roll well, shape very easily AND can be sprayed with tinting spray and take the color very well.  I embossed the tops of two of the cards and just used minimal patterned paper for contrast (click on the pics for detail). Some lace, pearls on a string, and some ribbon and I'm very happy with them!

Hope you enjoyed the cards, and thanks for looking!!!


  1. Beautiful candlelight cards! We had a power outage last Tuesday and I too were VERY grateful for manual machines.For the last few months, I challenged myself to not use an electronic cutter on some of my projects for such a time as this!

  2. Beautiful creations :)
    Thank you for your kind comment :) I am happy you will try the roses too :)
    Kind regards, Joanna