Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WOO HOO new stamps!!!!

Good Evening! I got my new Justrite Stamps today in the mail, and boy was I happy to see them!  I don't know about you, but when I get something new, the first thing I have to do is open them and put them to use,,,,,,ink them up :)

My husband works with a man who is originally from Cuba,,,,we ha the greatest honor last week to be invited to their home for a BBQ. They are truly amazing people,,,,,,,

Have you ever had a life changing moment? A moment when you knew you'd never see a certain thing the same way again? Well, I had one last week,,,,,,,Jose talked about what living in Cuba under Castro was like,,,,,,he talked about 2 lbs of meat per person PER MONTH allowance,,,,,,he talked about 3 eggs per person,,,,and going to jail if you were caught with more,,,,He was a chemical engineer in Cuba and his wife was a doctor,,,,,,,yet they made less than citrus pickers do here in the US. And they are so humbly grateful to live here in the US and to be US citizens. Several years ago, after they had become citizens, they sponsored Jose's mother, Gisella, to come here,,,,,,,,she did what they did,,,worked hard, learned English, and humbly, gratefully, dare I say JOYFULLY, is becoming a US Citizen on Friday,,,,,,when I tell you she GLOWED, it's not enough.

I had to do something,,,,,,,,,so I decided to make her a mini book for her memories and her photos from the big day,,,,,,,and on her journey to become an American,,,,,,,today I finished that book, and I will post it tomorrow,,,,,

but today, my JR stamps came, and I KNEW I was going to make her a card to go along with the book. I wanted it to match,,,and, in some way, to show her how amazing I thought she was,,,,,,and my new stamps were PERFECT for that,,,,

And so here is Gisella's card,,,,and in a way, a sneak peak at the mini album I made to match,,,,,

The paper, believe it or not, is MME Christmas paper,,,,,,do you know how difficult it is to find 4th of July, red white and blue paper in SEPTEMBER? yeah, it's tough LOL. I had one week to make this thing, so I didn't even have time to ORDER any,,,,,,,so I went with the deep burgundies in the Xmas paper (the ones that didn't have santa or Xmas trees on them LOL) and matched it up with some red, white and blue ribbon,,

This card is a gatefold card, so it opens in the middle,,,click on the card to better see the seam in the middle underneath the center focal image. My focal image is comprised of Spellbinders floral ovals, spellbinders lacey ovals, spellbinders floral ovals, and spellbinders ovals large.

bling is prima that I colored red and blue with copics,,,,,,,,,,,and the stamps are JustRite "Just the right Words" set of Amazing Paper Grace stamps. This set is amazing,,,,,you can mix and match so many words for just the right words for your card or project!

Here's a close up of the front of the card,,,,,,

Here's the inside!

I hope Gisella likes it,,,,,,,,,and I'm almost sorry that she'll probably call or send a thank you,,,,,,,,because I am the one who SHOULD BE thanking her.

I'll be entering this into the Justrite challenge this week for my second entry.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the card!


  1. I love the card and even more I just love the story of Gisella and Jose. Congratulations on my behalf too.

    Can't wait to see the mini book! :)

    Have a nice and blessed day!

  2. What a lovely gesture! Thanks for adding another entry to our challenge at JustRite Inspiration ;-)

  3. Love your new stamps, there are some that I would love to have this Fall as well, maybe soon! You are so right about us not appreciating all we have here in this country and seeing it through their eyes is amazing. We should all be more thankful. She will love this.