Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home Sick Cards,,,,,

Good Afternoon,,,,,it's Sunday,,,,,,,,and I'm homesick.

Yep. Badly too.

Sunday was the day our whole family got together for dinner,,,,if there was a birthday, that's when it was celebrated. Everyone would bring something,,,,,on a rotating basis,,,,,,main dinner, side dishes, deserts, drinks, whatever,,,,,,we rotated. And we all met at my sister's house (hers was largest) and had dinner.

Ten years ago, My husband and I moved ourselves and our 3 children to Florida. The housing in Massachusetts where we lived was astronomically expensive IF you could find it. We searched for months after the owner of the house we were renting sold it. Couldn't find a bleeping house, townhouse, apartment or mobile home. There was a serious shortage of housing. My husband's boss asked his wife (a real estate agent) to look,,,,,,MY boss who owned a ton of rental housing looked. NOTHING.

So we moved,,,,,,,,what could be more fun than living in Florida? Close to the beaches, close to Disney World,,,,,,,we moved and we LOVE it.

I couldn't get my husband to move back for anything, even though the housing has improved.

Nope, we love love LOVE living in Florida.

But I miss my family and my friends like no one's business. Oh my mom comes down usually once a year for 2 or 3 weeks, and I love having her. Last time she brought my baby sister and her new son down, which was really nice. I've been home once or twice.

But I haven't seen everyone TOGETHER in ten years.

I miss my sisters, I miss my brother, I miss my nieces and nephews,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I just miss them. Enough to cry. It's not all bad,,,,,,,,all my children and grandchildren live here in Florida,,,,,,and I see my mom at least once a year. And the beach and Disney are as wonderful as we thought.

But I want to go home. Badly. At least for 2 weeks.

so we're planning that :) And I couldn't be happier.

Anyway, after that book you are probably wondering what on EARTH was the point of,,,,,,

I had to make cards for my family,,,,,,,,and I am thinking of them as "homesick cards". Because I am. Homesick, that is.

I used my new paper, Echo Park. The two red ones are Echo Park This and That "Graceful", and the yellow and green one is Echo Park This and That "Charming". Each one was made special for the recipient,,,,

Top, red pink and blue is for my Mother.

bottom left, for my sister, Ellen,,,,,,,and bottom right, for my sister, Amy.

Brother's and friends to follow another day.

I used quite a few nesties,,,,,,,but one of my fav new ones that I used on all 3 of them is Spellbinders Picot Edge circles. REally lovely,,,,,,they can be very feminine,,,,,or not. Love them.

Other nesties used:

lacy ovals
postage stamps
moroccan motifs
circles large
Ironwork Motifs.
Labels 23 Grand
and of course, Picot Edge circles

I didn't embellish too much more than the nesties shapes and a ribbon or bow,,,,the paper is so gorgeous. I added a couple stick pins and called them done!

Thanks for looking,,,,,,I hope you enjoyed the cards! And I hope you don't have reason to be homesick too often!!!!


  1. Oh this made me so sad for you but I am glad you are planning a trip home. Now you just have to plan a family reunion for the time you are home.

    I just wish I had more family to be homesick for. I never had Grandparents or Cousins and even though I have two siblings I only see my Brother regularly (if you can call 4 times a year regular) and he only lives 45 minutes away.

    My husband's family lives 4 hours away by plane so we only see them once a year and only if we go there (funny how the same distance is longer if you go one way rather than the other - LOL).

    You could adopt me as a Sister and I could come to visit :)

    Cheer up and have fun looking forward to your visit home.


  2. Awww, Holly, I wish I could give you a big old hug! I miss my family so, so much - it stinks being so far away.

    I just got both of those paper packs, too! Squeeeee! Aren't they fun? And those Picot Edge dies are droolworthy! Fabulous cards, my friend!

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    1. Holly - these are fantastic cards!!! You have a natural talent! xo

      -pamela :)

  4. Awww Holly.....big hugs to you sure to stop in PA on your way 'home' to Mass!