Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Men in my life,,,,

This is my second post for the day,,,,,,,,please scroll down for my Party Time Tuesday DT post!

so almost 24 years ago, on my 23 birthday, I gave birth to one of the most important men in my life,,,,,my darling son, of whom I am SO PROUD.  He dropped out of high school, and then went back a few years later, to get his HS degree, then went on to college and is graduating in June (but finishing in 2 weeks!) number one in his class!

He will be 24 this friday, and I wanted to make him a very special birthday card to let him know how very proud of him I am.

One of the OTHER most important men in my life is my husband, Jaime, whom I love more than you can imagine. It seems to me that whatever I have wanted to do in my life, he has only asked what he could do to make it happen. Not everyone receives such wonderful support,,,and I love him very much for all that and more. He celebrates his 53rd birthday in two weeks.

Obviously,,,,,,,I had some cards to make!  My sweet husband went out and bought me the Spellbinders Grand Calibur yesterday,,,,,,I got it early, because we are all going to Disney World together on Friday to celebrate, and there's no way to carry one of those around to give at the dinner celebration LOL. so Lucky ME!!! I got to play with it yesterday! And so, I made some birthday cards using all my new dies too!

The black and white one is for my DH and the blue and cream with a touch of black is for my DS.  Both of them use the new Moroccan Motifs dies and the nested hearts dies,,,,,,,

My husband's (black and white) center focal point is made from the following dies, bottom to top

postage stamps
Parisian Motifs
Moroccan Motifs
and  2 layers of nested hearts, the last layer inked with black while still in the die

My son's is a bit simpler,,,,

2 layers of the largest Moroccan Motifs
1 layer of the smaller moroccan motifs in black
2 layers of nested crowns.

And let me tell you, the difference in embossing with the Grand Calibur is amazing! I had previously made the center piece for the blue card,,,,,it was just sitting waiting to be attached to a card,,,,,,but I had not previously made the focal point for the black and white card,,,,,,,and the difference in the embossing is amazing. That Grand Calibur was surely worth the money spent!

Maybe you can tell the difference in the close ups of each card!

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed the cards!!


  1. lucky you, new goodies to play with, the cards look wonderful, so lovely to here about your wonderful family

  2. Happy Birthday to all of you!
    These cards are wonderful! I love the die cuts!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!