Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just "Layering" Around,,,,,,,

Good Afternoon!!!!! I just love love LOVE the look of how spellbinders layer,,,,,it's the reason I started collecting Spellbinders,,,,,,it's an obsession,,,,,it's why I now have over 50 of the bleeping things,,,,,,

But for some reason, I have to remind myself to do it,,,,,,,Probably, because it often means a LARGER card,,,,,and I tend to like smaller cards,,,,,,,but the more spellbinders I get, the more layering I want to do,,,,,,and the larger my cards have to get to not look over crowded LOL.  So today, I decided to make a card layered with spellbinders,,,,,

I used scraps of Christmas paper, even though this card isn't a Christmas card,,,,,so here it is, and I hope you enjoy it!

From the bottom up, the spellbinders I used are postage stamps, Parisian Motifs, Picot Edge Circles, and labels one to cut out the center of Picot edge circles,,,,,,A couple of roses made with spiral blossoms one,,,,,,,,,some bling,,,,,and a gorgeous bow, and she's finished,,,,,,,

I hope you enjoyed the card,,,,,,thanks for looking! Leave me a comment, and I'll come over to your blog and see you!

Have a great week!


  1. You know you can NEVER have too many layers! This is just gorgeous, Holly! I have been collecting Spellbinders too and love 'em. I think I use them on every card, TFS!

  2. Cute card! I have been drooling over the nestabilities for a while now... can't wait until I can get some! I love all the things you can do with them!