Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Baby Boy!

I must admit,,,I admire the view of Europe about baby boys far more than the American view. It's not uncommon in Europe to dress baby boys in clothing that may be considered "too girlish" here in the USA.

Tons of white, pastels, lace, scalloped collars, etc,,,and so I've made this baby boy card in a style that I always think of as more "European",,,

no primary colors nor any trucks LOL. And I even added a touch of lace.

My friend, Teresa, was so sweet to ask if I had a baby boy card I could send her for a gift she was sending to a new mother. I went through my stash, and I didn't like any of them LOL,,,so I put this together in an hour.

I hope she likes it,,,,if not, I'll be happy to make another,,,,,,and this will go into my stash.

I used MAMBI baby boy stack (which I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!) for the image and the papers,,,,,

a quick banner declaring A BOY was made with Banners 3.

and just a touch of brown to make it a bit more masculine,,,,,,,,I just love this style, and I hope she does as well.

Thanks for looking! and thanks for stopping by!

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