Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Show Me Thursday!

Today is Wednesday,,,,,,which means it's the last day to post what I have been doing this week on Sassy Cheryl's SHOW ME THURSDAY (link HERE!)

I love this challenge, because no matter WHAT I'm working on, I can link it up, and have the chance to win a prize! I won a free digi last week! And it's a ton of fun to see what everyone else is working on during the week,,,,,,,and walk away with some inspiration and some ideas!

And lemme tell you, I am busy like HECK this week!!!!!!! It's Thanksgiving here in the US tomorrow, and I still have to vacuum, clean the bathroom and bake for tomorrow. My oldest daughter and grands are coming over for Turkey day, so that will be a ton of fun!

I'm involved in about ten different challenges this next week or so,,,,,some bi monthly, some monthly, and several weekly challenges,,,,,I love them! And what's more, I think they are the key to improving my work so that maybe I can join a design team one of these days! So,,,,,,,,,challenges I shall participate in! And being busy will be par for the course if I'm ever on a design team, so it's good practice juggling LOL.

I've also got Christmas cards to finish, Hanukkah cards to finish (Christmas falls over Hanukkah this year,,WHAT THE HECK were they thinking??) and December birthday cards to finish!

E gads!

So without further ado, here's my Show Me Thursday photo!

I've been coloring several images so that I can finish up my holiday cards,,,,,,I've done two of the four December birthday cards I need,,,,,and silly me decided to go ahead and start a vintage mini book. Faint. What the heck was *I* thinking?

LOL, oh well, I love it!!! I can't wait to finish my mini, but if it doesn't get done for several weeks, it's ok,,,,,,I have no plans for it! I've covered all the pages inside, created pockets and started picking out images for it, but that's as far as I've gotten.

My mother and grand daughter's birthday cards are finished,,,,,,,,,and I just need to make another for my youngest daughter and my oldest daughter. Our family likes December to give birth LOL. As if it's not crazy enough during that time!

Hope your life is just a little less hectic than mine! Have a GREAT Turkey day if I don't see you all again til Friday!

Thanks for looking!!!!!


  1. Ten different challenges? Good grief. . . .don't you have enough to do with just getting ready for Thanksgiving with your 'above' list. WOW! Impressive!
    These are some fabulous images. Beautifully colored Holly.
    So glad you played along again this week in the Sassy Cheryl's SMTHursday fun. Good luck in the drawing.

  2. I'm impressed with the number of challenges you enter, especially if they mean 10 different cards. I enter three and have a hard time keeping up. I do agree, it does help you to improve and hone your crafting skills, speaking of which, you have some fabulously colored images going on in the picture.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.