Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Morning!!

Who wants a chance to win a free Sassy Cheryl digi, just for doing,,,,,,,what you are doing!

It's not like it's a ton of work,,,,,,,all you have to do is post what you're doing,,,,it doesn't have to be crafty!!!!

and today, mine is NOT crafty,,,,,,I wish it was,,

well, it sort of is,,,,,,,

THIS is my desk at the moment. Yeah,,,,,,,,,what a disaster! Believe it or not, I actually CREATE here LOL. I usually clean when I'm forced to,,,,,,,,like when I can't find a thing I'm looking for,,,,,,,which is where we are this morning LOL. And so my job today,,,,,,,,is to clean this disaster.

soo wish me luck, and if you don't hear from me by Christmas,,,,,,,please send in the National Guard!!!!!!!!!!!!

But whatever you do,,,,,,,,go post what you're doing and maybe you'll win a free digi!!!!!!! Here's the link!


  1. Disaster? Nope! Creative process. . . .yes! You're funny! . . . 'it's not like a ton of work'. . . .funny! Love it! So glad you're on board again for the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun. Always a fun post and great photos.
    Thanks for playing along.

  2. LOL, Holly! My workspace is a total DISASTER right now. I believe it helps in the creative process. Well, until you lose your ATG. ;)

  3. Holly, mine looked exactly like that up until about 40 minutes ago. I cleaned it up knowing I might not get out there for a few days. I do the same thing and clean when I can't find anything either. This is my favorite kind of post.

  4. Oh Holly, mine looks like that at least once a day. I clean when I can't find anything because I am ALWAYS losing something that was "just right in front of me a moment ago". Hugs, Linda