Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So I screwed up,,,,,,,

Yep,,,big time. The birthday file I made a year or so ago that I thought was brilliant,,,,,,,,

isn't so brilliant if I misfile someone's birthday. Sigh.

Yep,,,,,filed a dear friend under December instead of November. I realized what had happened when I went digging for late December birthdays to make cards for. And found hers. Oh boy.

What's a girl to do???? Except maybe make the prettiest card she can and admit she's a dunce LOL.

So here you have it,,,,,,,yet again, some pretty MME paper (even when I TRY, I can't seem to stay away from it!), a nestie, a "sorry I missed your birthday" stamp. And three of the prettiest flowers I think I've ever made.

I've been playing around with rolled roses for a week or so, trying to get a specific look. And I think I finally got it. I've been asked twice already how to make them (it's so simple, it's ridiculous), so I'll see if I can't get a pictorial up here in the next few days. I wanted Spellbinders "spiral blossoms one", but at least until AFTER the holiday, anything that's 24 bucks is just going to have to wait. And I'm pretty happy with the way these turned out actually. Not sure I even want to spend 24 bucks for that flower now,,,,,,,,not when there's so many other dies I want,,,,,,,hm,,,,,,,

will have to think about that one LOL. Oh, and by the way,,,,,,,those leaves are really my poinsettia die,,,,cut in half LOL. I can't even leave the thing alone for birthday cards!

Hope you enjoyed the post,,,,,,,,,again, have a LOVELY Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever it is that you celebrate! And thanks for looking!


  1. This will totally make up for missing her birthday! Fabulous roses!

  2. Who wouldn't love getting that card, I love the MME lost and found its my favorite

  3. Holly - gorgeous card!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :)