Friday, December 30, 2011


Ever have one of THOSE days? Yeah, having one today! I'm still shaking my head,,,,,,Darling son went to work in his car today,,,,,,20 minutes later, he calls because his car broke down. OK, glad Darling husband has the day off,,,,,,,,,so I send DH after DS. Twenty minutes later phone call. DARLING HUSBAND is broken down in MY minivan in the SAME BLEEPING SPOT DS broke down in,,,,,,

seriously,,,,,,,,,this kind of thing just HAPPENS to me GAAH!

Fortunately, none of it is serious or THAT expensive,,,,but SERIOUSLY?? THE SAME DAY? THE SAME LOCATION? AND I do not have a key to husband's car (stupiddddddddd) so he has to take a taxi home. ARe we laughing yet?????? I know I am!

So, of course, I just HAD to make a card with my NEWWWW prima paper. Nothing like a new paper stress buster!

I used Prima Madeline paper and OMG it's drool worthy. I covered the base with this gorgeous rose paper, made a second layer of this beautiful dark pink color,border  punching the bottom and cutting through the center with labels 18 to make a window so that the first layer shows through. I took a third paper, and layered floral doily motifs (center cut out with smaller motif) and layered postage stamps over that (center cut out with standard squares large),,,,,,,and my focal point was ready,,,,,

for the spiral  flower I hand cut freehand, inked, glittered and shaped with a bone folder. I added a HUGE pearl to the center. Leaf is a prima leaf, stick pin is a simple one of mine that I hand made. I tied a simple triple bow with sheer pink ribbon, added a few sticky pearls and called her finished.

Here's a close up of the focal point:

I really love it. No idea what I'm going to do with it,,,,but I think it's pretty :) That paper is just stunning,,,,,,,,,,nothing like starting out with gorgeous paper to make a pretty card!

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed! Have a happy and safe new year if I'm not back before next year! Hopefully the challenges will be up and going after the holiday again, and I'll have some more cards to show you!

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  1. Holly - you've got great taste in patterned paper! I like this Prima paper - so pretty! {I might have to order more for my store}...Your card is so beautiful too! Love it! xo