Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Morning!!!

Today,,,,,,,no card :) I spent the weekend with my grandchildren and children at Disney World. We all had a fabulous time and stayed at the Floridays Hotel,,,,,,,,GORGEOUS. We got a 3 bedroom suite with a balcony, and it was cheaper than cramming everyone into two hotel rooms. Awesome. We cooked breakfast each morning and had a full size kitchen and living room and  a small balcony. We took the grands to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Too much fun!!!!!! I'll post a few pics of that tomorrow, but today I have another kind of project to show you.

You may have noticed, my blog posts have slowed down just a bit,,,,,,,and with good reason,,,,,,,,

THIS was my scraproom a couple weeks ago!

Yep,,,,,,,,total DISASTER!!!!!! I have such a hard time keeping my scraproom clean, that I joined a challenge on to help me,,,,,,,,and BOY HAS IT!!!!!!!!

I've spent the last couple weeks doing THIS instead of making cards,,,,,,,,,,

Doesn't it look wonderful?????????

I'm scrapping in an old dining room that is really TOO SMALL to use as a dining room,,,,,,so I snagged it as mine for scrapping. I've cleaned everything (although it still needs organizing, at least it's READY to organize as the challenge goes on through the year),,,,,,,I've made some order of my nesties and dies, cleared the table of clutter, used some baskets to store smaller items that go together,,,,,,,,,

and most importantly,,,,,,,,I've gotten a trash basket in there,,,,,,it's AMAZING how much easier it is to clean when you have a TRASH BUCKET! LOL, you'd think that would be a no brainer, wouldn't you??????

I took two over flowing boxes of scraps and gave a ton to my grand children,,,,,,,,,,and organized the other ton by color. I hung them OVER the area where I cut the most so I can easily find and or put away scraps. Simple,,but it works! It's so easy to toss away the smallest and then organize by color in the bags,,,,,,,,

and when I want a piece of paper I know I have,,,,,,I simply go to the color of the paper (or the main color) and find what I want,,,,,,,,,

I've got a ton of space in the great big ugly dinosaur of a built in china hutch,,,,,,,it may be ugly, but it sure is BIG.

If you're interested in the challenge, stop over at and drop in on the challenge,,,,,,,,the more the merrier!!!!!

And I certainly hope to be putting out more cards than ever now that I can find everything!!!!!!!

Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful week!!!!! My PTT post will be up tomorrow morning,,,,,,and I'll be posting a few pictures of my wonderful weekend with the grands!!!! Hope to see you then!


  1. What a wonderful transformation in such a short time! Great job!

  2. Looking good girl!! It's so hard to stay organized all of the time!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! :)

  3. fabulous job! boy your making me feel like a slacker!! I will be moving from a small space in our bedroom to my very own scrap room as soon as our basement is I am using that as an excuse to have a disaster area of a scrap room LOL